Kids + Teens “Explore Series”: LET’S EAT! 

What happens when we explore ALL the different types of eating, as we do a deep dive into different ways to cook and bake for different diets. We will be making all the faves, but with a twist each week: Comfort Classics, All the Veggies, Skip the Dairy, No Gluten here, then finishing with YOUR OWN CREATIONS!
  • This 5 week culinary science series is created for kids who are already comfortable and experienced in the kitchen and have learned and applied skills from other Cook with Meg programs or kitchen responsibilities in the home
  • November 16 – December 14 | COOK AND BAKE twice a week! 
  • 5 weeks | 10 classes | Tuesday + Thursday classes are at 3pm Mountain Standard Time
  • Each class is 75-90 mins
  • Your kids and teens will not only learn 8 amazing new recipes but the “WHY”, behind it then they’ll get to create their OWN grand finale recipes for cooking and baking! Get ready to MOVE their skills to the next level in 5 weeks! 
  • All LIVE ZOOM classes are recorded
  • Recipe instructions, Zoom link and “Prep Steps” will be sent 1 week before this series begins


what's on the menu...

WEEK 1 COMFORT CLASSICS: Shepherd’s Pie | Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

WEEK 2 ALL THE VEGGIES: Roasted Cauliflower Tacos | Best Ever Carrot Cake

WEEK 3 SKIP THE DAIRY: BBQ Meatball Sliders | Chocolate No Cream Pie

WEEK 4 NO GLUTEN HERE: Tamale Skillet Pie | Funfetti Cake

WEEK 5YOUR VERY OWN Cook and Bake Unique Recipes! 


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Cook with Meg COMMUNITY!

When kids get together to cook and bake online they do amazing things in the kitchen! The love they have for cooking and baking shows in the amazing dishes they turn out. Here are just a few of our mini chefs in the making in action!

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My kids are currently enrolled in Meg’s online COOK WITH MEG classes and they are LOVING it ! Not only is it great to have some structure in our days currently with school closed but they are having SO much fun and learning a great life skill in the process. My youngest (11) has already added the ingredients to the two meals we have cooked to our grocery list to cook again and can’t wait to learn more as his dream food day is a day where he has nothing to eat but “Meg food”. My 14 year old is loving and finishing his meals in record time and my youngest is in awe that she can “make such amazing food in a way so easy he can make it too." Can not recommend enough!

- Jeannette