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How much are classes?

We have many classes to choose from, starting at $30+gst.  Go to classes now! PS we often have specials, stay close to our social! 

How long are COOK WITH MEG classes?

The regular monthly classes run about 1 hour in length with Meg getting your kids and teens all the way from start to finish in a recipe, or “start to the oven”.  Specialty classes can run 2-2.5 hours, depending on the theme of the class.

What forms of payment do you accept at COOK WITH MEG?

We use secure Shopify payments which accept PayPal express, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, + Google Pay.

Do we need to have special tools/equipment to COOK WITH MEG?

No! Our motto is “MAKE IT WORK” so we use the appliances and tools you already have in your kitchen. *For some baking classes you will be asked to use a set of electric hand mixer or a stand mixer, but as Meg says “our grandmother’s grandmother didn’t have a stand mixer, so a wooden spoon and bowl will eventually get us to the same place”! Meg will let you know which tools are required for each class.

What kinds of ingredients do you use in COOK WITH MEG classes?

We use basic ingredients that you can find at any local grocery store. Meg always takes into account the time of year, what’s in season and again, lots of substitutions! 

We are a Gluten free AND A DAIRY FREE household. Can we still take COOK WITH MEG classes?

You bet! If you are gluten free, dairy free, or have food allergies, just let Meg know when you register and she will send you some substitutions that work for your family. Please feel free to use ingredients you like too, we can never be too creative! 

My child is super shy and I am unable to supervise. Can they just watch?

YES! Absolutely! The class recording will be uploaded each day and you can re-watch the recording and make the recipe whenever you have time! Remember ZOOM is interactive, so they will still be able to see and hear Meg! We just ask that you stay with your child until they are all set up and the audio/video works. If they are also not super comfy in the kitchen they may want to just watch, interact with meg and take some notes. SAFETY FIRST! 

When we take a COOK WITH MEG class, do we have to have our cameras turned on?

NO! If you’re a little shy you can disable your camera view, but to get the full COOK WITH MEG experience, it helps to have it on, so Meg can see your technique, and watch your progress. Part of the fun of the LIVE Cook With Meg classes is that we can SHOW AND TELL as we go! 

Do we have to make the exact recipe?

While Meg will be teaching the specific recipe, feel free to get creative! The recipe is only a guideline. Each class we will be making either a whole dish, or components of a dish within the 45 min-60 min class time. You can sub in whatever you want, from whatever you have! Allergies, Vegan, GF, YOU use what you have! Please come to class with all your substitutions and recipe ingredients in hand, we will make it happen!

What if we can’t make every class?

That’s ok!

If you can’t make a class, be sure to visit your class hub and check out the REPLAY section, that’s where Meg will place the daily class recordings approximately 2 hours after classes finish. This recording will not expire, so you do not have to get to it immediately.

How do the recordings work in COOK WITH MEG classes?

Glad you asked! Meg records all of the ZOOM COOK WITH MEG classes, then uploads the recording to the class hub. Normally it takes about 2 hours from the time class ends, until it’s loaded. The recordings will never expire so there’s no rush for you to make the recipe immediately, just remember to keep your class hub link. 

Will you be making each dish from start to finish?

The goal is to finish each recipe, however in some cases if a component has to bake, Meg will teach to the very end, or in this case “to the oven”. We also encourage pic sharing after class, let’s see those finished dishes! What’s the expression, “a watched pot never boils”? We won’t make you sit and watch things bake! 

Will we need to have ingredients ready for the beginning of class?

While we want you to have your ingredients on hand, they don’t all have to be prepped. Part of the experience is to learn how to prep with Meg, so don’t come to class with half the fun already complete! Meg will also add a note in your class hub in case there is any prep needed (ie, bring cooked rice), etc. Once you register, be sure to visit your class hub site the day before each class. 

Do I need to watch my child during class?

It’s VERY important that safety comes first, all the time. You are the best judge of your child’s ability, and while Meg ensures safety at all times, we leave the choice up to you in the end. Please know that all classes are recorded, so if your child is unsupervised and not comfortable in the kitchen, they can always watch the recording then cook with more supervision when it’s more convenient for you! Meg will also communicate with you if we are noticing any issues in class, or if additional support is encouraged. 

What happens if my child falls behind or cannot keep up?

We always stress that you assess your child’s ability before joining a COOK WITH MEG class. The classes are all taught step by step with lots of repetition and the pace moves in a nice controlled way. We do however try to fit the whole recipe into the one hour time frame and encourage kids and teens to have someone nearby if they need an extra set of hands if things were to go sideways. They are also encouraged to stop the cook, then watch to the end, and pick back up with the recording. If Meg notices that your child or teen is struggling, we will make every attempt to help and will notify you after class.

My child is pretty comfortable in the kitchen. Can they take AN ALL AGES SATURDAY CLASS?

We do encourage that the ALL AGES classes have an adult present, as these classes tend to be PACKED with a tight schedule and different skills levels in attendance. We always encourage team work in the kitchen! Having said that remember that Meg does go step by step and the classes ARE recorded. At the end of the day, YOU are the best judge of your child’s ability and skill level

How do we share our COOK WITH MEG creations?

We LOVE to see your recipes, please tag Meg @Tuckermeg on Instagram and be sure to join the private Facebook COOK WITH MEG community group! 

Did we answer all your questions?

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